HxGN LOCAL Manufacturing Asia will be held in Bangkok on 20 and 21 March 2019, with the same agenda repeated on each day of the conference. You can choose to attend either day and discover new and innovative ways to shape your knowledge and work smarter.

Event Information

The theme of the conference is Making Quality Drive Productivity. We will discuss the latest industry trends, present the latest Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence solutions and invite our guests to share their knowledge and experiences of real-world problem solving in the challenging world of manufacturing.

Attendees will also enjoy direct access to our “Technology Experience” exhibition, where we will present a virtual training experience, a holographic visualisation of design review and an augmented reality experience.

Why Should You Attend?

During this event we will show the latest trends in metrology solutions and provide you with the opportunity to further develop your relationships with colleagues and industry experts.



Join us for HxGN LOCAL Manufacturing Asia 2019


An excellent hotel with state-of-the-art facilities