See what's on the agenda for the HxGN LOCAL PPM User Conference Korea

The HxGN LOCAL PPM User Conference, visiting Seoul on 4 September, 2018, will include a combination of presentations covering latest innovations in our solutions, customer success stories, and industry best practices.

Please note that the agenda below is subject to change.

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9:30 Keynotes

Welcome Keynote

CH Baek, Hexagon PPM

9:40 Keynotes

The Future is Now

Franz Kufner, Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific, Hexagon PPM

Digital transformation is driving the 4th industrial revolution and is causing disruption in our industry at an unprecedented pace and scale. To be a winner companies have to act with urgency and overcome the number 1 barrier – people and processes that have not assimilated and adopted these technologies in their operations. Let’s look at removing the obstacles that stand between you and digital transformation – between your success and your companies prosperity ..
10:15 Keynotes

Future Technology and Design Digital Transformation in EPC

CHAN-SUL JUNG, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Engineering Division, SAMSUNG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.

11:00 Keynotes

Digital Transformation in Capital Projects

Michael Buss and Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Hexagon PPM

Digital transformation is a buzzword, but what does it mean to your company and how is Hexagon PPM enabling it for you, to achieve your business outcomes? In this keynote, hear from two of Hexagon PPM's industry leaders as they break down organisational and information silos, present the Capital Projects lifecycle as one continuous process, and offer to transform your business by increasing efficiency, improving predictability, and reducing risk, not just with technology, but engagement and partnership.


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13:00 DESIGN (A)

The Latest in Smart 3D Engineering & Design

Tom Szoka, Hexagon PPM

This session will highlight the latest and upcoming capabilities in Intergraph Smart 3D, Intergraph Smart Review, SmartPlant Interop Publisher, and Intergraph Smart Reference Data. PPM product owners will discuss the business and technical benefits offered in each product. Attendees will get an overview on how to improve their 3D design and visualization workflows to take full advantage of the latest software and upcoming releases.


Transform Project Collaboration & Handover with HxGN SDx™ Projects

Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Hexagon PPM

Following on from the morning keynote of how Hexagon PPM can help you achieve a complete digital transformation in capital projects, this session takes a deep dive into transformation of Project Collaboration on the HxGN SDx Platform that will lead to seamless handover through its CFIHOS compliant foundation. Join this session to view the next generation of Hexagon PPM’s collaboration suite for management of deliverables and other key project communications like technical queries, to transform the way this information can help you optimise the delivery of capital projects. Get familiarised with the CFIHOS standard and get free access to PPM’s CFIHOS handover guidelines and a white paper on Digital Transformation for Projects.


Unified 3D Modeling & Interference Management in DHI

JS Yeo, Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Abstract coming soon.

13:40 DESIGN (A)

Business is Shaping Differently: Engineering & Design Update

Frank Joop, Hexagon PPM

"The Change You Shape" was the theme for HxGN LIVE 2018, and this is very relevant for the process industry. We have seen many changes, and we will not see a return to traditional projects and work processes. In this session, we will discuss how Hexagon PPM will help improve your business with our engineering and design solutions. With the exciting new developments in web services, mobility, and cloud, we can address the challenges our customers face. We have significantly changed the user interaction with new products, such as Intergraph Smart Process Engineering. Join us in the session to learn how we shape change to help you be more efficient and successful.


Going Beyond Project Controls

Rod Hemassi, Hexagon PPM

Project controls is a vital part of successful project delivery. Following best practices to accurately measure and forecast a project’s performance is key to helping to drive success: on-time and on-budget delivery. And yet, project controls is just not enough. Despite best efforts, we constantly hear tales of wild cost and schedule overruns. Often, we see a disconnect between strategic decision making and actual project execution. Too narrow a perspective on projects introduces significant risk to the system. The challenge then is to broaden the perspective. This session introduces an expanded vision for the lifecycle of projects, Enterprise Projects Performance, which looks strategically across an organization -- spanning multiple programs, portfolios, or divisions -- with a mission to maximize returns and profits. Attendees will learn how technology solutions are creating the visibility to drive enterprise projects performance and enabling greater agility in response to changing conditions. Discover tools to improve predictability, a key metric for boosting project outcomes.


Application of Editing Design Using MDR

DH Kim, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

In this session, we will discuss an real-life example of (editing design application) using MDR in Samsung Heavy Industries. We will also explain the functionality improvements in v2016, the use cases and the annual performance. And, finally, we will Introduce the development plan for editing design Tool in Samsung Heavy Industries.

14:20 DESIGN (A)

3D Base Collaboration

DM Shin, SK Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.

3D Model의 범위/대상 확대를 통한 Project 수행 경쟁력 확보 목적으로 Smart 3D에 개선/개발된 내용을 본 발표를 통해서 소개하고자 함. Smart 3D 개선/개발을 통하여 Engineering Quality 향상, Design Man-hour 절감, 간섭으로 인한 현장 Re-work 최소화, Module Project 수행 준비가 될 수 있었음. Smart 3D 개선/개발 과제는 Hexagon PPM과 함께 수행하였으며, 본 발표를 통하여 Hexagon PPM과의 협업사례도 함께 소개하고자 함.


Improved Construction Planning and Execution with AWP

Geoff Ryan, Insight-AWP

Abstract coming soon.


Improved Asset Lifecycle Information Management with SDx Operations

JT Kim, Hexagon PPM

Providing accurate asset information enables to keep your license to operate, to demonstrate compliance and/or be able to react in a timely manner in case of an incident. Having accurate asset information can help you reducing operating and maintenance cost, but also reduce the cost for the preparations of the turnarounds for example by reducing the time to prepare the turnaround because you have all relevant information you need.


Coffee Break

15:15 DESIGN (A)

Detailed Bolted Structural Connections with the new SDS/2 Connect for Smart 3D

Tom Szoka, Hexagon PPM

With Intergraph Smart 3D and Design Data's Steel Detailing System (SDS/2 Connect), we will be introducing the ability to create designed structural bolted connections. In accordance to country codes and analytical results, this new functionality provides substantial reduction in project schedule and design costs by:

• Allowing early "designed" connections
• Compressing schedule with detailers
• Permitting disciplines to model without structural clash
• Examining installation concerns
• Reducing model transfers
• Estimating assembly connections.

The presentation will cover overall integration, latest changes to the product, a brief demo of the new functionality, and equip you with the knowledge to incorporate this functionality.


A Methodology of Data Management using SPF

SH Bae, Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.

SPF 시스템을 활용하여 EPC 사업의 데이터 관리와 성공적인 핸드오버를 하기 위한 방안.


Progressing to the Future: Integrating EcoSys and Intergraph Smart Enterprise and SDx

CY Shon, Hexagon PPM

As more and more organizations pursue digital transformation initiatives, the need to create greater connectivity between previously siloed systems becomes even more important. In this session, we explore the business value that is unlocked within EcoSys as a greater array of data is combined.

Looking to software across the Hexagon PPM portfolio we see how procurement, construction, and even 3D design adds greater automation to progress measurement and forecasting, and leads to greater visibility and insights. We'll similarly review the efficiency and benefits derived from document management integration.

15:55 DESIGN (A)

Increase Productivity Through User Experience Harmonization

Frank Joop, Hexagon PPM

Productivity and usability are closely related. In an ideal world, the engineering and design tools present the functionality needed for the tasks and nothing more is needed to allow focus and quick execution of the work. In this session, we will show how Hexagon PPM Smart Solutions are on that path to improve usability and create consistency across different discipline tasks. This also helps lower training costs and activate resources on the projects. Come learn how an improved user experience and lowered ownership costs impact productivity.


Improved Productivity for Component Management & Engineering Integration using Smart Reference Data

JY Lee, Hexagon PPM

Improved productivity for component management & engineering integration using Smart Reference Data

Powering Digital Tansformation with Xalt

Patrick Harrigan, Hexagon PPM

Xalt is a powerful framework for accelerating digital transformation – fast-tracking a customer’s ability to fully harness IoT data, simplify their investments, and future proof their organizations. Xalt employs disruptive technologies that address the critical IoT points of leverage: enterprise integration, cloud orchestration, data visualisation, built-in mobility, intelligent edge connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere. Xalt represents Hexagon’s commitment to continuous innovation. Learn about Xalt capabilities, use case examples, technical architecture and more!

16:35 DESIGN (A)

SmartPlant Instrumentation Macro Expansion: Automate the Step Going from Functional to Physical Instrument Design

WG Lee, Hexagon PPM

Join this session to learn and experience the newest interface between SmartPlant P&ID (SPPID), where the control function is defined, and SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI), where the components to perform these functions are created. The Macro Expansion enables automation of the interface and expansion to go from a functional design on the P&ID to the physical instrument design in SPI. We'll take you through the latest interface and enhanced capabilities - don't miss out!


Aspects of Operational Readiness & Reliability Management with a  Data Centric Approach

DH Kim, Hexagon PPM

Whether an organisation is delivering major capital works or major shutdown turnaround scope; complexity is common place. An integrated planning process can help increase communication between the major delivery functions of Engineering , Procurement, Construction and Commissioning to ensure project outcomes are realised. Advance Work Packaging is a practice that has been applied to major projects in recent times, to ensure Engineering and Procurement activities are aligned to the path of construction. However AWP may only be considering some drivers to the path of construction and overlooking others . The drivers of construction have traditionally set by logistical constraints of procurement and/or site geography. We are going to look at the start-up sequence and commissioning schedule as being a drivers for the path of construction.

Completions is the management process that aides the transition a project or turnaround from area based construction to systems based start-up. We will look at how we can capitalise on early completions opportunities to reduce burden on the back end of project schedules, reduce safety incidences and increase quality.


Realising the Connected Jobsite with Mobility

Patrick Harrigan & YM Yoon, Hexagon PPM

Connected Workers are front line employees who are empowered by technologies, such as smart phones and wearables, to drive efficiencies, safety, and compliance in the field. Front line employees are often isolated, having limited access to the proper data and knowledge they require, when and where they need it. This session will detail how adopting a connected worker strategy can help provide real-time connectivity, data access, and collaboration, drastically increasing productivity.


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