• KEYNOTE by CLAUDIO SIMAO, Hexagon CTO 12:45 PM
    ROOM A
    • Welcome Address - By Anup Verma 9:30 AM
    • Realizing the potential of Digital Thread in Manufacturing - By Ken Woodbine9:35 AM
    • Ascertaining Quality in the Virtual Factory - By Sridhar Dharmarajan10:00 AM

      The world is moving towards closer integration of virtual and the physical world. Be it Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, or the Virtual Factory, all of them focus on bringing together complex physics to simulate scenarios in the physical world that are closer to the physical reality of design & manufacturing process. This session focuses on the level of detail we have achieved today to take a design from concept to the detailing required for performance and manufacturing. We will also address how this plays out in various manufacturing scenarios all the way up to the service life of products, along with gains and benefits for customers.

    • Smart Manufacturing using Vero Software Products - By Amol Mane10:30 AM

      Smart building technology is predicted to grow by 34% annually over the next five years with a forecast of a $25 billion total market value by 2021. Construction technology has been evolving very rapidly today than any other point in history. In turn, investments in green construction have significantly increased as construction companies, and clients work to achieve ambitious energy and cost savings targets. The green building movement is growing way faster than traditional construction as it brings more advantages regarding sustainability and safety.

    • Technology solutions for higher productivity in Metrology - By Rajeev Datar & Anchit Khanna11:15 AM

      Innovative data-driven manufacturing techniques are redefining quality and productivity in the factory as part of the Industry 4.0 movement. Explore these innovations and learn about the latest capabilities and solutions from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence! Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Stationary and portable CMMs along with PC-DMIS and other software provide a wide range of solutions to address the need for increased productivity from different perspectives. If customer requirement is throughput - Bridge machines are the answer. If the product quality is to be inspected at the highest level- UHA CMMs. Portable segment has taken metrology to shop floor, reducing lead times and helping in In-Process inspection. Both these segments are very ably supported by our In-house flagship software PC-DMIS.

    • Smart Factory - By Tom A Stewart12:00 PM

      While traditional manufacturing and smart manufacturing contain many similar technologies, how they are used together with some new sources of data make the difference. Essentially, the latter pushes Sensing, thinking and Acting closer to production and takes advantage of the process parameters (vibration, torque to turn, feed force, temperatures, etc..) to replace physical part quality measurement. Resulting in Higher quality, increased machine & tool productivity, higher customer satisfaction and profitability. Integration of ISO/ISA/SAE international standards is critical in order to have valid and useful data. Aerospace included! There is a lot of marketing Hype (Industry 4.0) however the correct and cost effective path can be found if you work with the right company (HxGN-Q-DAS). The AQDEF is a critical point for the automatic collection and analysis of data, saves time and money, makes the analysis meaningful. Don’t forget that one important point.. it is still about empowering the employees of our customers to be more effective and efficient. Stick to the standards, work with the right partners, be successful.

    ROOM B
    • Opening Note – Bridging the divide - Smart Digital Reality - By Atanu Sinha 9:30 AM
    • Technology Spotlight - By Mahesh Reddy10:00 AM
    • Enterprise Solutions - Big Data Management, Asset Management, State GIS, SDI - by Ashish Arora10:45 AM

      Organizations increasingly face the challenge of managing massive amounts of geospatial data. As the sheer volume and variety grows, the need for effective organization and distribution grows with it. Hexagon Geospatial provides solutions for comprehensive management of distributed data stores, and delivery across desktop, mobile, and web applications.

    • Cloud Solutions - Smart Cities & Smart Urban Governance - By Vinaybabu Adimulam 11:30 AM

      To manage and overlook a smart nation, smart city or smart site efficiently, you need a digital twin. Smart Cities have increasingly become a buzzword with many smart city projects being launched around the globe, but more specifically across India. Our presentation will highlight some of the key application areas, where Hexagon’s cutting-edge technology can be leveraged in the context of Smart City. By providing a simple, integrated approach to harness the traditional domains of remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS and mapping, our solutions help smart cities prepare precise master plans, create and monitor land use maps, use elevation models for flood planning and safety, and create 3D city models to evaluate new construction projects. The wealth of information available can be used to drive improvement (retrofitting), city renewal (redevelopment), city extension (greenfield development), or pan-city initiatives. Hexagon Geospatial solutions equip city planners and designers with the necessary analytical tools to deal with managing complex challenges in a smart city environment.

    • UAV Processing, from sensor to exploitation. - By Vasudeva Rao12:00 PM

      There’s no question that Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/VAV/Drones) in combination with the various sensors they are capable of carrying are fundamentally changing the geospatial marketplace. The emerging technologies that make these systems not only possible, but also affordable and accessible. UAV data comes in a wide variety of formats and sources, including aerial imagery, point clouds, multispectral or hyperspectral imagery, and any number of other sensors that can be sent aloft. We will Showcase Hexagon solutions to automatically Process UAV data inside ERDAS Imagine and Photogrammetry. The UAV Solutions from Hexagon will enable all our mapping customers to create orthos, Point clouds, High resolution DEMs and further map the drone imagery in 2D and 3D as well. The perfect UAV workflow can be accomplished from collection to exploitation, either in an IMAGINE viewer or harvested and cataloged by ERDAS APOLLO for the Geospatial Portal end user accessing this imagery over the internet.

    ROOM C
    • PPM Key Note - Digital Transformation Strategy, Owner Operator Strategy - By Philippe Marceau & Melanie Eakes 9:30 AM
    • Smart 3D, Smart Review and Smart Reference Data Update - By Satish Hota & Usha Gummuluri 10:15 AM
    • Digitization for J3 – Project execution - By Hitesh Dalal, Reliance Industries11:15 AM
    • Digital Twin for Owner Operators - By Francois Haynes12:00 PM

      Digitizing your asset information and how HxGN SDx , Hexagon PPM’s latest solution for digitally transforming your asset, is revolutionizing information Management. This presentation by François Haynes, VP of Business Development, will discuss the importance of the Digital Twin as a pre-requisite to digital transformation. He will explore the importance of information, not data, and how SDx could augment the decision making process throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

    ROOM A
    • Partner Session - By ImageGrafix 2:15 PM
    • Digital Transformation of AEC Construction with HxGN SMART Build - By Cathi Hayes2:30 PM

      General contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors responsible for building construction projects should attend this session to learn how HxGN SMART Build is planning to transform construction by providing real-time project insight that drives predictable outcomes to keep projects on schedule and budget. The SMART Build solution will intelligently link model, schedule, and cost information to support 3D, 4D, and 5D processes in a simple-to-use cloud and mobile solution. SMART Build will dynamically capture actual progress and costs, then analyze and report on deviations against what was planned in easy to digest 3D color-coded models, dashboards, and reports. Integration with sensor hardware will allow models and layout points to be taken to the field and used in conjunction with Robotic Total Stations for construction layout and verification. Laser scan data integration will allow for viewing models merged with point clouds with collaborative issues management for virtual job site safety, quality, and progress inspections without traveling to the physical job site. This constant collaborative connection between people, workflows, and real-time data will minimize surprises, establish accountability, and create visibility for proactive decision-making.

    • Digital Project Execution & Performance Management - By Maurizio Granata & Ashish Dasari 3:10 PM

      21st Century technology available today in the context of Digital Transformation is re-shaping execution and management of capital projects, to ensure that even the most extreme complex project will provide Clients with expected financial returns. Being able to efficiently manage and execute a project it requires an integrated approach towards project execution. The Process, Tools and Technology have to be aligned in all discipline areas of a project. The advantage of using technology to integrate and share key project information in a single source of truth benefits the entire engineering, construction, and operations value chain of the organization, thereby improving traceability, productivity and profitability. During this session attendees will see how Hexagon PPM’s Integrated suite of solutions help organisations to digitally transform the Project Execution processes - from project portfolio management, to project controls, contract management , materials supply chain, and construction management. It looks future technology, but it is available today.

      ROOM D
      • Welcome Note - By Amit Kumar 9:30 AM
      • HxGN Smart Reality Capture with Intelligence - By Adesh Dhar9:35 AM
      • BLK - The Story Continues - By Burkhard Boeckem & Nagajyothi Swargam10:05 AM

        The popular Leica BLK line is continuously evolving. Join Hexagon’s Geosystems Division CTO, Burkhard Boeckem, as he takes you on a journey of technology discovery, development and implementation across industries. Where is the technology going next? Come, discover and find out more at this session not to be missed.

      • HxGN Smart Positioning Solution & Structural Deformation Monitoring - By Vikram Jasrotia10:45 AM

        With growing infrastructure, demand for accurate-reliable-coherent positioning is increasing. While there is an increasing demand of sharing resources, position interdependence will become important. A modern spatial infrastructure which is one stop solution is “SmartNet”. Deformation is affecting us in numerous ways like, stability of building affecting citizen security, large structures like Dams getting affected by Geological changes over time. Through our deformation solutions we want to bring how multiple monitoring solutions can be combined in a Geo-Monitoring hub to deliver an accurate response system.

      • HxGN Smart Building & Construction Solution - By Abhishek Pandey11:15 AM

        Construction Industry is one of the most thriving industries in the entire world. Smart building technology is thriving to grow by 34% annually over the next five years with a forecast of a $25 billion total market value by 2021. Construction technology has been developing very quickly. Digital technologies are entering in the construction industry, changing how infrastructure, real estate and other built assets are designed, constructed, operated and maintained. Those technologies include BIM, Robotic Total stations, 3D Laser Scanners etc. The Economic and social impact could be significant, as the construction industry accounts for 6% of global GDP and employs more than 100 million people worldwide.

      • Hexagon Mining Solutions and Technical Trends - By Tim Varecka & Zhanyou Huang11:45 AM

        Mines are facing the same external pressures of increasing costs and decreasing prices. This, coupled with a long-term drop in the grades of new deposits being found, means that mining keeps getting harder. Learn how Hexagon Mining’s products optimize production, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety.

      ROOM E
      • Welcome Address - By Manoj Pandit 9:30 AM
      • CAD 10 – Next Generation Dispatching - By Duncan Kennington9:40 AM
      • Physical security information Management - By Ravi Babu Arepalli 10:20 AM

        Hexagon’s solution for physical security information management (PSIM) integrates the Intergraph Security (I/Security) suite of software with situational awareness and decision support. Security personnel can view and intelligently act on information from large-scale alarm, sensor, and video deployments. Seamless integration with Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) enables comprehensive incident management. With I/Security, users can rapidly and effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.

      • Partner Session: Solutions for "Smart Cities"- Ravinder Singh, Director Digital Cities, Dell 11:00 AM
      • Abstract for SMART Cities - By Sreelakshmi Talasila & Uma Avote11.30 AM
        Hexagon believes the cities must be shaped — and the shaping of a smart city comes down to data. The core of Hexagon’s Smart city frame work is Digital. The digital transformation enables the cities to see everything, everywhere, with the ability to extract insight and relevance with confidence and speed. The seamless data exchange of digital data across multiple departments within the city and external agencies transforms the cities to Connected cities. Hexagon’s Safe city approach enables the cities to provide quicker and efficient dispatch of police, fire and ambulance services to the citizens quickly and efficiently. The safe city framework enables the cities to respond emergencies and large-scale events effectively and efficiently.
      • Hexagon believes that the cities must be shaped — and the shaping of a smart city all comes down to data. Hexagon helps the cities collect, enable, access and leverage the data to overcome the ever going challenges of a City.

        ROOM F
        • Land, Air & Sea - By Rahul Sachan 10:30 AM

          Hexagon Positioning Intelligence leverages positioning technology and products from its brands NovAtel, Antcom and Terrastar to bring together cutting-edge positioning solutions for the wide variety of Industries.
          Join us to explore more on PI brands and Products.

          NovAtel: OEM GPS GNSS Boards, Enclosures, Antennas, Smart Antennas, IMUs for different segments
          Antcom: Antennas for Land Air & Sea applications.
          Terrastar Correction Services: Different levels of services, for real time sub-centimeter accuracy.

        • Oceanix - DGNSS corrections for non-Oil & Gas applications - By Baloo Ramasamy11:15 AM

          Oceanix Nearshore correction service delivers exceptional sub-decimetre positioning for diverse marine applications including dredging, hydrographic survey and mapping. The high-rate corrections broadcast enables carrier phase ambiguity resolution within the GNSS receiver, greatly enhancing the accuracy and speeding recovery from GNSS signal interruptions. Join us to know more on the Benefits and application side of Oceanix Nearshore correction services.

        • Detecting and Mitigating the threats of Interference and Jamming - By Saravanan Karuppasamy 11:40 AM

          As the number of GNSS signals being tracked increases, so does the potential for interference to dismiss the performance gains of using those additional signals. Join with us to explore more on the event.