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The HxGN LOCAL PPM User Conference, visiting Malaysia on 3 August 2017, will include a combination of presentations covering latest innovations in our solutions, customer success stories, and industry best practices.

Please note that the agenda below is subject to change.

8:30 Registration & Breakfast


Ballroom 3

Safety Briefing

9:00 Keynotes

Welcome Address

Zen Chue, Account Manager Malaysia, Hexagon PPM

9:15 Keynotes

A New Era

Franz Kufner, Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific, Hexagon PPM

In June 2017, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine official became Hexagon PPM. This was far more than just a name change – it signals a whole new era for the PPM business. In this keynote, Franz will highlight the opportunities this new era offers for our valued customers in Malaysia, and also bring you up to date with the latest corporate and solution announcements from our global business. Finally, he will bring you news of how we are moving forward in Asia-Pacific in 2017, and some exciting developments in our business that will benefit you.

9:55 Keynotes

Make Your Asset Data Work For You

Frank Joop, Executive Product Director, Design & Engineering Prod Mgmt, Hexagon PPM

The industry has been buzzing lately as we all strive to understand how technologies such as the Internet of Things, robots and drones, and augmented reality will affect the operating facility of the future. We have seen them at work in other industries, but how might they apply to ours? Frank will present some practical scenarios describing how these futuristic technologies will be deployed on your assets in two, five or 10 years into the future. In fact, some of them can already be applied now! Most importantly, he will also share a plan for you to get there. The future starts here!



10:55 Keynotes

PETRONAS Digital Transformation Journey

Kevin Chong, Downstream Business Chief Information Officer, PETRONAS

Digital is not just about technology. It is a new way of working.

11:35 Keynotes

Improving Pertamina Engineering Design Performance with Technology

Silvana Da Costa, CEO, PT Kilang Pertamina International

In its bid to increase refining capacity to meet domestic consumption, Pertamina has embarked a Refinery Development Master Plan (RDMP).
The RDMP program will see the expansion of a number of existing Pertamina  refineries. One such refinery is Pertamina Balikpapan Pertamina Engineering Center, which has been tasked with undertaking the FEED design of the OSBL part of the refinery. It sees the value and huge benefits of leveraging technology, such as those from Hexagon PPM, to improve the design quality that is critical for the eventual Operations and Maintenance phase of the facility. 

12:05 Keynotes

Digital Transformation in Project Controls

James Crowell, Business Development Consultant, Hexagon PPM

EcoSys, the global standard for enterprise project controls software, is transforming the way projects and portfolios are managed. This web-based platform boosts project outcomes by providing real time project performance and automated reporting so that it's easy to understand how projects are doing and where they are going.


Lunch – Serena Brasserie

Technologies in Project Execution

Junior Ballroom 1

Operation & Maintenance

Ballroom 3

Product Updates

Junior Ballroom 2
14:10 Project Execution

Managing Data Quality Through Compliance Check

Khairil Azhar Hairani, PETRONAS

Managing Data Quality has always been time consuming and costly, especially during handover between the EPCC and Owner. This session will provide and insight into method’s used by PETRONAS to manage EPCC’s data through governance, standards and technology.

Ops & Maintenance

Fast tracking Operational & Maintenance Readiness

Rachel Yee, Hexagon PPM & Tee Eee, Proxset Sdn Bhd

Today, the process of closing out a project and turning over useful data to the owners is still full of challenges. Collecting and organizing the data is painful for the contractor, and the owner often receives incomplete information that they must spend large effort and time to re-enter into the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) used for operations and maintenance. Valuable time is wasted, and the risk of data getting lost or becoming dated is high. In this session, we will show you how the latest technology can automate and accelerate the process of data extraction, transformation, and validation for asset management. The powerful tool further enables you to enrich and enhance the data before feeding it into CMMS to ensure its completeness and quality. A full set of useful data can be ready in a fraction of the time!

Product Updates

Changing the Game with Web-Based Project Collaboration

Ray Howarth, Hexagon PPM

Owner operators and EPCs are under increasing pressure to deliver CAPEX and OPEX projects to specification, on schedule, and within budget. Industry surveys show the majority of projects continue to exceed their budget and schedule. Projects continue to increase in complexity, with a globally-distributed network of stakeholders needing to exchange information and collaborate effectively. Learn about the next step in the evolution of our information management technologies with the launch of Intergraph Smart Digital Asset - Collaboration Module. Developed in cooperation with a major owner operator, SDA Collaboration provides a game-changing approach to project execution. Learn how this web-based solution can simplify deliverables management and improve quality assurance. Find out how submissions, reviews, queries, and actions are streamlined and information is made available to the right stakeholders - securely, anywhere, anytime, on any device. The potential benefits are significant: substantially reducing the review cycle time; reducing the number of revisions of deliverables; reducing value of project change orders; and enabling fast, secure access to the evolving digital asset. Join us to hear how owners and EPCs are achieving rapid returns with Intergraph information management solutions.

14:40 Project Execution

Improving Engineering & Construction Through Technology

Tri Cahyo Wibowo, PT Rekayasa Industri

EPC Companies today grow and compete much more than in previous decades. It requires stakeholders to accelerate the engineering and construction time of projects in order to fulfill their business goals. Many conventional engineering and construction methodologies need to be changed to satisfy these requirements. Individual 2D drawings (e.g. isometric, spool drawings, general arrangement, etc.) might cause inconsistencies in design or even worse, clashes. Engineering design must be finished faultlessly so as to prevent many mistakes during the construction phase. Rekayasa Industri (Rekind), a recognised and leading EPC company, realizes this situation, and has created an integrated engineering and construction working environment. In this presentation, Tri Cahyo Wibow, the Lead 3D Engineer at Rekayasa Industri, will explain how using Smart Plant Enterprise, such as: Smart Plant Foundation (SPF), Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI), Smart Plant 3D (S3D), Smart Plant P&ID (SPPID), Smart Plant Electrical (SPEL), Smart Plant Material (SPMat) and Smart Plant Review (SPR), it is possible to provide a better Integrated Engineering Design that will make the whole engineering and construction process more efficient.

Ops & Maintenance

Engineering Management of Change at PETRONAS

Akram Ghazali, PETRONAS GTS

Engineering Management of Change (EMOC) is one of the most critical elements required to meet the regulatory requirements of the OSHA Standard on Plant Process Safety, and improve business operations. 80 percent of all large scale accidents in the process industries trace their origins back to change. PETRONAS fully understands that an effective EMOC process is the cornerstone for keeping all Process Safety Information (PSI) and related review up-to-date in plants. Therefore, the PETRONAS GTS team has moved from a conventional paper-based MOC system into an electronic management of change system accessible online, by leveraging on P-EDMS technology using SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators as a backbone. Join us to learn about how PETRONAS GTS worked with Hexagon PPM to streamline the EMOC workflow in PETRONAS.

Product Updates

Achieve Your Business Outcomes with PPM Cloud

Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Hexagon PPM

Cloud is a familiar concept to any user of an electronic device, handheld or otherwise. Yet, the application of this technology and its unlimited potential to boost efficiency in the delivery of capital projects as well as ongoing asset operations and maintenance is still uncharted territory for the oil and gas industry. Hexagon PPM was a pioneer in bringing a Cloud commercial offering to the industry in 2013. Today, more than 2,500 users around the world are running their solutions on PPM Cloud, and are achieving business outcomes ranging from reduced CAPEX and OPEX; to shortened project schedules; to an increasingly mobile and connected workforce. Join this session to find out more about how PPM is shaping its Cloud service to provide even more capability for its users to make informed decisions, control the cost of ownership of PPM’s solutions across the entire asset life cycle, and tackle common IT challenges.

15:10 Project Execution

Design Review Cycle Improvement Using Engineering Integrity at PETRONAS

Dr Maung Maung Myo Thant (Dr. Feroz), PETRONAS

The design review cycle process - where engineers look for data and check for design correctness and consistency - can be time consuming and prone to error. These tasks can now be automated with SmartPlant Engineering Integrity (SPEI). This tool is able to check plant design against engineering practices and project standards and automatically reports on the areas of inconsistency. This session will describe how SPEI is able to improve the design review cycle with its automated checking process.

Ops & Maintenance

Gateway to Information

Ahmad Shahril Suhaili, PETRONAS GTS

P-EDMS Enterprise Portal (SEP) is a web-based information search engine, providing single point of quick access from any device at anytime and anywhere, allowing users to easily search and view data, documents, drawings and 3D models.

Product Updates

Smart Conceptual Design with SmartPlant Proccess Engineering

Frank Joop, Hexagon PPM

The conceptual design or Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) phase of a project may be the shortest in duration, but its importance cannot be underestimated. This is when key business decisions are made on process configuration, layout, safety, operability, and cost. Go-to-market is yet another factor driving the need to execute the FEED phase quickly and efficiently so the project can move to detailed design. With SmartPlant Process Engineering we have created the ideal environment in which FEED projects can be executed quickly and efficiently, one which allows the project to move seamlessly to detailed design as soon as the owner gives the green light. Join us in this session to learn about this exciting new solution.



15:00 Project Execution

Digitization in Construction

Rachel Yee, Hexagon PPM

With cost-cutting and efficiency gains being pursued ever more aggressively, the industry is turning to automation and digitization. Technological advances are now revolutionizing almost all points in the life cycle of a built asset, from conceptualization to demolition. It offers players in construction industry ways to reap the benefits in terms of cost, accuracy, and speed of delivery. Join us to hear more!
Ops & Maintenance

The Benefits of Digitization of Brownfield Asset for Expansion

Ahmad Syahmy, Kemuncak Lanai

Utilizing Laser Scanning technology and 3D capabilities to provide a headstart into digitizing a brownfield asset. This session speakers will share with you their experience on how combining Hexagon's hardware and softwarwe allows users to fully utilize automation capabilities to improve design efficiency by optimizing engineering design processes and shortening the design cycle.

Product Updates

Weld Quality Management in Capital Projects

Neeraj Saxena, Hexagon PPM

Welding is one of the most critical operations within the oil and gas construction and production industry. Over the past sixty years of developments in welding technology, the current expectation of weld quality has never been higher. A failed weld can have disastrous effects on the safety of the workplace and even on the community and environment. In addition to the liability arising from this, businesses will face significant financial loss arising from the faults. In today’s world of technology, digital collaboration, and mobility, there are many exceptional tools on offer to achieve quality control.

16:30 Project Execution

Effective Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning with Quality Turnover

Alan Cheeseman, Consultant

Startup of today’s complex process units and power plants is demanding and requires careful planning and preparation of both the plant equipment and the operating organization. Each activity must be meticulously planned and then executed in the right sequence to avoid expensive delays. In this session, attendees will learn the key closeout steps necessary for better operations and maintenance; how to line up the responsibilities for a quality turnover to operations; and the basic tasks required for a quality acceptance and turnover process.

Ops & Maintenance

Extending Life of a Brownfield Asset through Asset Integrity Management

Faizal Sohaimi, ApplusVelosi

Asset integrity management has become increasingly important, with many companies today electing to upgrade brownfield facilities. In order to successfully implement an asset integrity management system for an ageing asset with dynamic operating systems, it is crucial that stakeholders have its design and operational data kept evergreen. This session will outline the process required prior to running an asset intergrity management system on a brownfield asset.

Product Updates

Document Management & Control throughout Oil and Gas Project Lifecycle

Ryan Chin, Hexagon PPM

In one of the simplest yet most difficult part of delivering a project is documentations, and in this track we can share on how a preconfigured Document management and control system helps EPCs and Fabricators securely and effectively manage their document deliverables back to the owner, and support an on-time handover for safe, compliant and efficient operations.

17:00 Project Execution

Engineering the Future with Smart 3D

Yutaka Aoki, JGC

Since 1978, JGC has constantly improved its use of 3D CAD systems. In this presentation, Yutaka Aoki, 3D Administrator at JGC Corporation, will briefly discuss the history of 3D CAD at JGC and how they used PDS. From there, the session will go on to explain how JGC are combining Smart 3D with the latest in technology.

Ops & Maintenance

Analysis Tools - Business Value for Operations & Maintenance

Wong Tai Wai, Hexagon PPM

It is crucial that assets are managed effectively to gain maximum value, profitability, and return, while ensuring safety requirements arealso met. A true asset integrity mangement program incorporates data from design, maintenance, inspection, process, operations, and industry standards to ensure equipment is fit for service. This session explains the role of analytical tools in any asset integrity program.

Product Updates

Improving Construction by Connecting Siloed Information with HxGN SMART Build

Jonathan Ng, Hexagon PPM

Construction companies engaged in mid- to large-scale building and infrastructure projects, including BIM compliant jobs, understand the need to improve project performance. With four out of 10 projects suffering cost and time overruns, there is a need to improve the management of construction activities. HxGN SMART Build is a pioneering platform that helps improve profit margins and on-time delivery of projects by simplifying, clarifying, and visualizing management and execution of construction. By tightly integrating the design intent, project plan, and costs, issues can be foreseen and actions taken to avoid delays and overruns much earlier at the construction site. Join this session to understand how HxGN SMART Build can enable your projects to better control the entire construction process, all while being accessible through a mobile and cloud-based interface that is intuitive for all users.


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