See what's on the agenda for the HxGN LOCAL PPM User Conference Korea

The HxGN LOCAL PPM User Conference, visiting Seoul on 5 September, 2017, will include a combination of presentations covering latest innovations in our solutions, customer success stories, and industry best practices.

Please note that the agenda below is subject to change.

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9:00 Keynotes


Changhyun Baek, Vice President Korea, Hexagon PPM

9:05 Keynotes

Welcome Address

Mr. MS Han, User Group Chairman

9:15 Keynotes

Shaping Smart Change: Assets. Information. Access.

Mattias Stenberg, President, Hexagon PPM

Sometimes we are so close to our work, with all its complexities and challenges, that we risk missing incremental, yet profound, changes that were obvious in hindsight. Now is one of those times: There is a digital transformation taking place that will have far-reaching impact and benefits for industrial facilities and city infrastructure. Discover how Hexagon PPM is developing the roadmap to guide you through this exciting time.
9:45 Keynotes

Asia-Pacfic 3xE Advantage

Franz Kufner, Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific, Hexagon PPM

Abstract for this session coming soon.


10:30 Keynotes

The Rise of Construction 4.0

Michael Buss & Callum Ford, Hexagon PPM

Just as other industries are embracing emerging technologies to aggressively deliver "Industry 4.0", PPM is exploring the potential of "Construction 4.0", a realm in which laser scanning, drones, real-time data exchange, 4D executions, and immediate field-to-office stakeholder communication will be the norm. Many construction projects are stuck in a decades-old, paper-centric methodology, but Hexagon technologies - which have no risk but high reward - can bring those processes into the present, creating an on-time, on-budget handover. Today's workers expect access to the newest, most mobile technologies, whose automated, data-centric capabilities provide decision-makers the opportunity to design their own roadmap, from design through construction and project controls, and EPCs and owner operators must provide these tools to maintain a stable workforce. Join our presenters as they share Hexagon's vision of Construction 4.0, a completely connected and automated strategy for delivering the world's safest, most efficient projects.

11:00 Keynotes

4차산업혁명 시대의 대형 EPC기업의 PROJECT RISK 대응

Professor UB Lee, POSTECH

Abstract for this session coming soon.
11:30 Keynotes

Achieve Your Business Outcomes with PPM Cloud

Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Director, Asia-Pacific, Cloud & Customer Success, Hexagon PPM

Cloud is a familiar concept to any user of an electronic device, handheld or otherwise. Yet, the application of this technology and its unlimited potential to boost efficiency in the delivery of capital projects as well as ongoing asset operations and maintenance is still uncharted territory for the oil and gas industry. Hexagon PPM was a pioneer in bringing a Cloud commercial offering to the industry in 2013. Today, more than 2,500 users around the world are running their solutions on PPM Cloud, and are achieving business outcomes ranging from reduced CAPEX and OPEX; to shortened project schedules; to an increasingly mobile and connected workforce. Join this session to find out more about how PPM is shaping its Cloud service to provide even more capability for its users to make informed decisions, control the cost of ownership of PPM’s solutions across the entire asset life cycle, and tackle common IT challenges.



Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Marine, O/O & BIM


13:00 EPC

Data Integration on EPC Work Process through SmartPlant Enterprise

JH Cheon, Hexagon PPM

In a rapidly changing plant market, projects are becoming more complex, industry regulations are tightening. Also the owner's requirements for data consistency and optimization are increasing. In order to effectively set up the integrated engineering, procurement and construction processes of the data centric, this session provides ideas and information to help you improve processes and improve data quality in the plant life cycle through SmartPlant Enterprise environment.

Marine, O/O, BIM

이수화학 Plant Portal System 구축사례

안성조 부장, 이수시스템

운영중인 공장과 동일한 엔지니어링 마스터 데이터의 가지기 위해 레이저 스캔, 3D모델링, 문서 관리, 변경 관리, 포털 시스템 등을 구축한 사례

Visualization Strategy & Update

Satish Hota, Hexagon PPM

This session will help you understand the new visualization strategy that support 2D and 3D visualization and reporting from a new free zero footprint browser, as well as the latest capabilities in SmartPlant Review 2017. Improvements include the ability to display the plant hierarchy, compare differences between publishes, new inside and outside clipping, new find and isolate objects, touch screen mode, new realism, improve load and display performance, generate 360° views and 360° videos, and the new Intergraph FreeView. Provide your input directly to the Hexagon PPM product managers, and evaluate prototypes of future technologies in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, such as the Microsoft HoloLens.

13:40 EPC

ISO Manager


ISO Manager는 SP3D Piping ISO.도면에 대한 각종 속성 데이터 입력 및 변경 관리의 편의성을 제공하고, 낱장 단위 혹은 Work book 단위의 관리 기능을 통해 많은 양의 ISO.도면에 대한 도면, 물량 정보를 손쉽게 처리할 수 있도록 한다.

Marine, O/O, BIM

Strategic Portfolio Management

Rod Hemassi, Hexagon PPM

Abstract for this session coming soon.


Changing the Game with Web-Based Project Collaboration

Adrian Park & Ray Howarth, Hexagon PPM

Owner operators and EPCs are under increasing pressure to deliver CAPEX and OPEX projects to specification, on schedule, and within budget. Industry surveys show the majority of projects continue to exceed their budget and schedule. Projects continue to increase in complexity, with a globally-distributed network of stakeholders needing to exchange information and collaborate effectively. Learn about the next step in the evolution of our information management technologies with the launch of Intergraph Smart Digital Asset - Collaboration Module. Developed in cooperation with a major owner operator, SDA Collaboration provides a game-changing approach to project execution. Learn how this web-based solution can simplify deliverables management and improve quality assurance. Find out how submissions, reviews, queries, and actions are streamlined and information is made available to the right stakeholders - securely, anywhere, anytime, on any device. The potential benefits are significant: substantially reducing the review cycle time; reducing the number of revisions of deliverables; reducing value of project change orders; and enabling fast, secure access to the evolving digital asset. Join Brad Broughton, VP Information Management, and special guests to hear how owners and EPCs are achieving rapid returns with Intergraph information management solutions.

14:20 EPC

Intergraph Smart 3D Design Rule Checker Overview and Update

Satish Hota, Hexagon PPM

The Design Rule Checker has a new solution that facilitates validating the Smart 3D design in real time against design rules to identify design violations and defects early. This offers significant advantages as the validations are automated and they are performed continuously. This results in a more efficient design process with improved quality. Come and join us in this session get an overview of the Design Rule Checker and to see how you can leverage its new feature to optimize your design process and improve quality.

Marine, O/O, BIM

CADWorx 을 활용한 산업플랜트 BIM 적용사례

SK건설, 신동민 부장

Abstract for this session coming soon.


Intergraph Smart 3D 내에서 배관 지지대를 모델링 할 수 있는 프로그램의 개발 및 적용 사례

성화산업, 강신현 과장

성화산업은 배관지지대 분야에서 국내 뿐 아니라 세계에서도 높은 기술력으로 고객에게 안정적인 솔루션과 제품을 제공하고 있습니다. SmartPlant 3D 내에서 AIR(Assembly Information Rule)을 적절히 활용하여 배관지지대를 모델링하고, 다양한 배관지지대 설계 방법을 적절히 적용한 솔루션을 기반으로 제작에서부터 설치 도면에까지 이르는 업무 프로세스를 완성 하였습니다.



15:15 EPC

SmartPlant Construction at DHI


Abstract for this session coming soon.

Marine, O/O, BIM

Improving Construction by connecting siloed Information with HxGN SMART Build

Callum Ford, Hexagon PPM


Construction companies engaged in mid- to large-scale building and infrastructure projects, including BIM compliant jobs, understand the need to improve project performance. With a study of more than 220 large construction projects by the American Society of Civil Engineers finding that four out of 10 projects suffered cost and time overruns, there is a need to improve the management of construction activities. HxGN SMART Build is a pioneering platform that helps improve profit margins and on-time delivery of projects by simplifying, clarifying, and visualizing management and execution of construction. By tightly integrating the design intent, project plan, and costs, issues can be foreseen and actions taken to avoid delays and overruns much earlier at the construction site. Join this session to understand how HxGN SMART Build can enable your projects to better control the entire construction process, all while being accessible through a mobile and cloud-based interface that is intuitive for all users.


SDA Online

Supratim Mukhopadhyay, Hexagon PPM

Abstract for this session coming soon.

15:55 EPC

EcoSys for Projects Performance

Travis Stoner, Hexagon PPM

Abstract for this session coming soon.

Marine, O/O, BIM

삼성중공업 캐드 적용 사례 소개

Phil Nam, SHI

Abstract for this session coming soon.

Innovations with Smart Schematics for Engineering and Design Process

Frank Joop, Hexagon PPM

Engineering companies are looking to change work processes and leverage innovative technology to increase efficiency. Now more than ever, there is industry pressure to lower project execution cost, be more predictable on schedules, and provide data at the end of the project to support the operational phase of the life cycle. We see the industry seeking solutions and return on investment. It is not so much about the individual features as it is about the overall value of the solution and how it can help meet business objectives. In this session, we will look at how Smart Schematics can help you to be competitive, efficient, meet your business goals, and offer a differentiator for your company.

16:35 EPC

SEP 기반의 3D 설계협업 시스템 구축사례 소개

고을록 대리, 현대엔지니어링

설계 품질 및 효율성 향상을 위한 웹기반의 실시간 3D 협업 시스템 공동 구축 경과 소개, 중동 화공플랜트 사업 SEP 적용현황 및 데모시연

Marine, O/O, BIM

New Technology for EPC Power Plant

David Canady, Hexagon PPM

A modern power generation facility produces mountains of data, coming from thousands of sensors as well as from planning, engineering, communications systems and more. And by applying technology to that data and harnessing its value, we can truly change the metrics of a power plant operation. Some examples are the ability to predict and extend component life, improve maintenance schedules, reduce production down time and better manage water and power to the plant.

Power companies today are looking for a way to provide this data and centralize it so that it is always up-to-date, organized in a way that everyone can find it efficiently, and accessible to the right people at the right time. EPC contractors have an opportunity to create and manage this data, and to provide ways to carry it forward into plant operations and maintenance.

This session will review how Hexagon PPM technologies provide effective ways to bring this vision to reality within the Power Generation industry.


디자인 모델과 해석 모델의 연동을

통한 업무의 효율화

이상훈 대리, 인프라정보기술/Roderick Marallag, GS 해양

Abstract for this session coming soon.

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